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Thank you for your interest in the SHA Program. On our site you can learn about the services we provide the UC San Diego community, find out about our health events & campaigns, learn more about the SHA Program, and much more.

Interested in joining the SHA Program? We recruit new members in Winter Quarter. Stay connected with us via this website and our social media channels to get the latest information regarding our recruitment process.

SHA Member Spotlight

Each quarter, a few SHAs are honored with the SHA Member Spotlight.
These SHAs are recognized for their passionate commitment to the SHA Program, their dedication to the SHA mission, and thier willingness to go above and beyond in the realm of peer health education.

"I really enjoyed being a part of the alcohol and other drugs specialty and getting to know wonderful individuals in the SHA Program. My favorite memory was having the opportunity to talk to so many students on our campus and teach valuable information!"

"My favorite SHA memory is R&R Squad. It gave me an outlet to destress as well as help make the lives of my fellow peers even more stress-free. I also have gained great friends while doing R&R and I really was able to feel community in the SHA Program while doing the massages."


"I joined the SHA Program my sophomore year to improve my public speaking skills and to get more involved on campus. Little did I know how much the SHA Program would give to me and how much it would improve my college career. I am so thankful for the memories I have made and for those who helped me along the way."

"I wanted to join this program because I wanted to express myself in a new way and be excited about it. The SHA Program was challenging but at the same time allowed me to take risks, stepping outside of my comfort zone, and be excited about what I can learn."

"It is amazing to hear how the SHA Program can positively impact students and our campus through our workshops, tablings, and campaigns! I enjoy being a part of a program who cares about the
well-being of the UCSD community."

"I feel that the SHA Program makes a strong impact on the community by addressing issues and answering questions about topics that not everyone is comfortable talking about! I believe this is what makes the SHA Program so unique."

"I was having a real tough time last year and had to miss a few SHA committee meetings. A few SHAs noticed and decided to write encouragment notes for me. I was surprised and overwhelmed by their care and support. From then, I realized that SHA was more than just a campus-wide program, but also a supportive community that genuniely care about one another."

"My favorite SHA memory would be any of the (Safer) Sex Shop + Condom Bar events because I love watching students approach the condoms apprehensively, then after some conversation, become engaged and inquisitive, then eventually leave talking about safer sex. I enjoy making people feel comfortable talking about sex!"

"I joined SHA because I wanted to be a part of a community that genuinely cares about the well-being, both physical and mental, of UCSD students. It's an amazing and accessible way to postively impact our campus environment, and I'm incredibly excited to see what else SHA has in store!"