Welcome to the SHA website

Thank you for your interest in the SHA Program. On our site you can learn about the services we provide the UC San Diego community, find out about our health events & campaigns, learn more about the SHA Program, and much more.

Interested in joining the SHA Program? We recruit new members in Winter Quarter. Stay connected with us via this website and our social media channels to get the latest information regarding our recruitment process.

SHA Member Spotlight

Each quarter, a few SHAs are honored with the SHA Member Spotlight.
These SHAs are recognized for their passionate commitment to the SHA Program, their dedication to the SHA mission, and their willingness to go above and beyond in the realm of peer health education.

"SHA is now 25 years strong at UCSD! I believe the SHA program has such a great impact on our campus by providing fellow students with the information they need to keep themselves healthy. The key words being “fellow” students! What’s so great about our program is that we are also students, and are an accessible resource for people to get information!"

"I joined SHA to promote open dialogue on sexual health and healthy relationships on campus. Being an SHA has helped me accomplish all of this while also allowing me to be a part of an amazing community of individuals who are passionate about helping others. I feel so blessed to have this community that I can turn to whenever I need support, laughs or hugs!"

"My favorite SHA memory was the 25th anniversary social. Celebrating this milestone with everyone with photos, desserts, and merriment was a great community builder and milestone to accomplish."