Welcome to the SHA website

Thank you for your interest in the SHA Program. On our site you can learn about the services we provide the UC San Diego community, find out about our health events & campaigns, learn more about the SHA Program, and much more.

Interested in joining the SHA Program? We recruit new members in Winter Quarter. Stay connected with us via this website and our social media channels to get the latest information regarding our recruitment process.

SHA Member Spotlight

Each quarter, a few SHAs are honored with the SHA Member Spotlight.
These SHAs are recognized for their passionate commitment to the SHA Program, their dedication to the SHA mission, and their willingness to go above and beyond in the realm of peer health education.

"My favorite thing about SHA is the growth in character I have developed, and the new community I have found within UC San Diego. I have been able to work on my communication and public speaking skills which has helped me establish myself as a leader. Needless to say, the community that we all have established has been one of love and support that can compare to no other."

"My favorite part about being an SHA is the people I work with. Everyone in SHA is incredibly passionate about peer health education, and you can really tell through their hard-work and dedication to the program. My fellow SHAs are also incredibly welcoming and kind. I was extremely nervous when I first joined, yet I was instantly welcomed in and made a part of the family. "

"My favorite part about being an SHA is the community everyone has created. I love the energy and dedication everyone has for the program and the support for each other. From running workshops and tabling with fellow SHA's to getting to know them individually, the genuine passion for making a positive impact is truly incredible and something that never fails to inspire me."