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Thank you for your interest in the SHA Program. On our site you can learn about the services we provide the UCSD community, find out about our health events & campaigns, learn more about the SHA Program, and much more.

Interested in joining the SHA Program? We recruit new members in Winter Quarter. Stay connected with us via this website and our social media channels to get the latest information regarding our recruitment process.

SHA Program Application Process

Thank you to everyone who attended an Application Information Session!
We look forward to reading your application.

Make sure to regularly check our Recruitment page for important dates and announcements.

SHA Member Spotlight

Each quarter, a few SHAs are honored with the SHA Member Spotlight.
These SHAs are recognized for their passionate commitment to the SHA Program, their dedication to the SHA mission, and thier willingness to go above and beyond in the realm of peer health education.

"I think the most powerful asset we have as SHAs is our role as peer leaders. Time and again...I find my peers are able to listen and ask questions without pressure or judgement, just as they would with their friends. It's critical that we can have these thoughtful conversations on health issues that our peers face, and to respond in a way that is informative, helpful and relevant."

"In my opinion, the biggest impact that SHAs have on campus is being a compassionate resource to their peers, providing them with researched information so they can make informed health decisions for themselves."



"I think that overall, because the SHAs are trained peer health educators, we have a big campus presence and are trusted to relay important health information to the UCSD population. Not every group gets trained to do that, and I think a lot of students and faculty recognize the level of trust we have. Using that trust to communicate with our peers is very impactful and beneficial."

"My favorite SHA memory is when I did a Cooking with SHAs workshop. After the workshop, 3 participants came up to me telling me they loved the workshop and that they learned so many new things! That was the first time I felt that direct connection between the work that we do and the power it has to make change on our campus. We are doing so many good things, more than we can ever know."