SHA Sign-ups

Below is a list of workshops, tablings, events, and other opportunities that need SHA facilitators. To sign-up for hours or to view hours that you have committed to, click here.

When signing up for hours or making any changes please keep in mind that the document should save automatically. However, if it does not, please manually save it yourself. You will be contacted with more information about the workshop, tabling, or event when the sign-up is filled.


SHA Schedules

SHA Weekly Hours Schedule (updated 01.11.2018)

Info Booth Schedule (updated 01.11.2018)

Email Erica at to sign-up for any vacant shifts.


SHA Committees

Spring Quarter committees will be posted after GBM.

SHA Student Org Affiliations

Let us know what other student organizations you are affiliated with by filling out the SHA Org Affiliation Google Sheet.

This information helps with our outreach efforts.