SHA Recruitment

Thank you to our applicants for interviewing with the Student Health Advocate Program. We appreciate your interest in joining the SHA team.

Please click here to see the list of applicants selected for the
2018 SHA Training Class.

Contact Erica Okamura, Program Director, at

Who can become an SHA?

Any registered UC San Diego undergraduate student (who is not graduating the same academic year that they are applying) may apply to the SHA Program. The only requirement is a genuine interest in peer health education and a few hours of your time each week.

Students interested in becoming an SHA should possess the following:

  • A strong interest in and enthusiasm for promoting healthy behaviors among peers
  • An open mind to diverse cultures, practices, and sexual orientations
  • Sensitivity to controversial and personal topics and a willingness to talk candidly about them
  • Dedication and commitment to health promotion, disease prevention, and responsibility as an SHA volunteer
  • Sincere concern for others' well-being and quality of life


Contact Us

Erica Okamura, M.A.
SHA Program Director | 858.534.1824